Defender of the Crown (The Elf's Story)
Arranged by: Peter Clarke
Original by: Bill Williams & Jim Cuomo
Release Date: 04/10/2019
All-Time Rank: 90.
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Listeners' Rating
88% (31 votes)
Poppykuk shouts: So well put together. Phenomenal Remix     ::      Ryrynz shouts: Lala knows what's good. Nicely done!     ::      Master Baator shouts: If all remixes (no matter the style) were so well produced, my playlist would only include music from Amiga Remixes...     ::      MoonshineFox shouts: Real neat! Please give the "elf" a pat on the back. That's some A+ grade Sindarin pronounciation!     ::      Aule shouts: EPIC!