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Michael Wildhagen
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November 2005
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this is DMC typing.

After listening to hundreds of tunes published at RKO I decided to become part of this community.
Ok apart from the digital appearance on this site I still have been part of community (or scene) since the good old eigthies. I still own a lot of commodore equipment and have been a fan of SID-music since my first contact with this wonderful machine (or this wonderful chip). In the good old days I composed some SID-tunes but unfortunately never release one single tune.

Later on I gave the amiga a chance to become my favourite machine and it was for a long long time.
Having an eye on Karsten Obarski´s Soundtracker and a couple of clones of this wonderful program I started making music on (and with) my amiga.

Today I am very impressed of the creativity and work some arrangers here on RKO put into their arrangements. I nearly downloaded all of the tunes and have great fun listening to them while doing my job.

With the spitit of my commodore days in mind I´ll try my best to give something back to the scene starting as an arranger here on RKO hoping some of my arrangements will hit somebody´s ear and makes it possible to give that person a good time listening to the music that we all are fascinated to (on or with I don´t know the correct word) ;-).

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