Turbo Outrun (E20 remix)
Arranged by: Wobbler
Original by: Jeroen Tel
Release Date: 02/04/2001
All-Time Rank: 1506.
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Listeners' Rating
80% (32 votes)
Very Good! 
bruce shouts: Awesome chilled out version!     ::      omoroca shouts: Always good to have another Outrun remix! Added to my collection.     ::      maverickbna shouts: Great use of the acoustic guitar! Really good for chilling out at the office.:)     ::      routsikka shouts: Wow, the original atmosphere's really well conserved in this tune. Any chance of getting the guitar tab or chords online, this would make a great tune for learning classical guitar.     ::      LaLa shouts: Awesome guitar, soft and mellow, I can totally imagine driving down on Santa Monica Blvd listening to this. Nicely arranged, well produced.     ::      NecroPolo shouts: Guitar sounds VSTi. Nice work, anyway.     ::      Bundi shouts: Great, smooth tune!     ::      hillsman shouts: Why is this Turbo Outrun as opposed to just Outrun?