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Alex Smith
United States of America
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October 2002
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Welcome. My name is Alex Smith, and I live in Sterling, Virginia, USA (near Washington, DC). On the EFnet IRC network, I go by the nickname Netwalker, and on most other networks, I either go by sentinel, Netwalker, maverickbna or ShadowHntr. I am a computer engineer, and love the Commodore 64 in all respects. I have a Commodore 64, as well as several Amiga 1000s for restoration. I have the Blast from the Past collection, and the High Voltage SID Collection. I am also very excited about the C64 remix scene - I've been with it for the past 15 years. My favorite remixers are Instant Remedy, Chris Abbott, PRESS PLAY ON TAPE, Lagerfeldt, Mahoney, Romeo Knight and Dafunk. My favorite C64 musicians are Rob Hubbard (*AHHHH!!!!*), Martin Galway, Chris Huelsbeck, and David Whittaker. Go Team SID!