New Amiga demo Database frontend

Some of you may already be aware of the excellent site It contains a large comprehensive database of Amiga demos, but with a somewhat limited search facility.
To remedy this we have created an alternative search interface to the collection at ExoticA - Amiga Scene Demo Database (Beta). Like the Modland and HVSC Search it includes a variety of ways to browse and search through the information. We only display a small subset of the data at Bitworld, but provide a link to their site for further information. Please give it a try and give us any feedback on the ExoticA Forum. It is marked as beta for now, as there might be bugs, and new features are likely forthcoming. Many thanks to zeg, Asle, Curt Cool and Menace (and the rest of the Bitworld team) for their help and co-operation.

Submitted by Buzz

Exotica Amiga Demo Database


NecroPolo and release new C64 remix album

Necropolo: raKBIT

A new official C64 remix album from Did you think we'd given up? Well, NecroPolo has worked like a dog to produce a real quality Prog-rock album packed with great guitar work, 70s synth loveliness, and even some SID. It's a real labour of love!

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New C64 Holiday Chiptune Album!

Bitweapon Chiptune Holiday Greetings Programs~! 

We have whipped up a tasty batch of delicious holiday chiptunes for everyone! Go ahead; sink your aural teeth into some fresh chiptune goodies while you drink up a hot mug of 8 Bit delight on a cold winter’s day. Time tested holiday favorites that everyone can sing along to or entertain with at a holiday festivity! 

-Seth & Michelle :)😊

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Official 8 Bit Weapon Site

Official ComputeHer Site


Armin Gessert deceased

On Sunday, 8th November, the father of the Great Giana Sisters died of a heart attack. Beginning his carreer as a game designer for Rainbow Arts and Blue Byte as early as 1984, he went on to found Spellbound Entertainment AG in 1994 together with Jean-Marc Haessig (Airline Tycoon, Desperados, Arcania: A Gothic Tale).


Source: Wikipedia


SceneSat Radio are broadcasting from Alt.Party in Helsinki - also on FM!

SceneSat Radio ( The weekend of October 23rd-25th, SceneSat Radio will broadcast a lot of live shows from the Alternative Party  in Helsinki, Finland. One cool and odd feature is that the broadcasts also will be available on FM103.1MHz over the Helsinki area, so if you are anywhere nearby, feel free to tune in, otherwise you can always listen to the stream via😊.

Amongst the treats you will get this weekend, there'll be interviews with a lot of demoscene people as well as Jeri Ellsworth - who gave us the C64 in a joystick - the DTV. Don't miss it!


Alt.Party 2009


Commoradio is online

Commoradio is now up and running

Pure & random authentic computer music for your ears!

Enjoy folks!

Submitted by Waxhead

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SOASC= and SOAMC= happy hour

The SOASC= and SOAMC= projects are FINALLY on a fast server and online with a new searchengine! (Commodore 64) (Amiga)

Enjoy folks!

Submitted by Waxhead




First two BIT Live Stockholm 2008 videos on YouTube

BIT Live 2008 logo C64 fans,

One year ago, C64.COM and SceneSat Radio arranged Back in Time Live Stockholm 2008. The whole event was recorded but there was no money to support the production of a DVD. The first two professionally produced bits from the event have finally reached YouTube instead! Check out retro band 6581 (Reyn Ouwehand, Eike Romeo Knight Steffen, Anders Larsson, and C64.COM's own Andreas Wallström) play the Central Park Theme from The Last Ninja 2 and Mutants together with Fred Gray, the original composer of the track.

6581 - The Last Ninja 2 (Central Park Theme):
6581 feat. Fred Gray - Mutants:


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RKO and AmigaRemix downtime

Thursday September 3rd at 15:30 CEST, the servers hosting and + a BUNCH of other scene related sites will be taken offline to be moved from Stockholm to Gothenburg. They will be back up again around 10:00 CEST on Friday morning, at the latest.

Sorry for the inconvience this might bring, but it will be for the better in the long run.

/ Ziphoid


Dr Future interviews dafunk

Dafunk Volker 'Dr Future' Buckow has been busy again, this time interviewing one of our brightest shining stars on the remixing heaven, Dejan dafunk Subotin...

dafunk interview

dejan s. on MySpace

dafunk remixes on RKO

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