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Sound of SceneSat Volume 2 released

The Sound Of SceneSat Vol 2

SceneSat Radio has released volume 2 of their scene music compliation, featuring 68 tracks with a playtime of almost 6 hours (!).


The compilation comes in the form of a musicdisk with a visualizer and scrolltexts from the authors to enjoy while the music is playing. It features both C64- and Amiga-remixes as well as original works from a bunch of sceners well known for the R64 audience. Amongst them are Romeo Knight, Peter W, DHS, N-Joy, Ferrara, Maniacs of Noise, CZ-Tunes, Hazel, BeeZerk, Dafunk, Moog, PowerTrace, Infamous, Kathryn LJ (Katz), Chronberg, Tron and Gibs as well as a lot of other people more known for their other works such as Blaizer, Mantronix, Xerxes and a bunch of others. All in all, a huge compilation that will keep your ears busy for a long time.

Get it here