The Alibi (No Time To Sleep)

Track info
Arranged by:
7EVEN SINS Remixer
Composed by:
Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity)
All-Time charts position:
Nice! Hold back a bit on the breaks :)
Technically perfect, but it's one of those remixes that contains precious little of the original, which is especially painful when it's Laxity's catchy melody-line that's sparsely found in here.
Great production, but too much breaks. And I`m missing more "The Alibi"-references in this Remix. But all in all a good Track- worth a download.
Not bad, although in the pure melody parts the notes are played in a shuffle-beat, while the rest of the song is not. Sounds a bit jarring to me.
Doesn't work. The trance part is and the "remember the original" part use unmatching rythms. We hear unrelated boom-boom-whee-whee most of the time. Parts are individually well made, though, which somehow is even more frustrating: we missed two nice songs
Although missing a little too much meat of the originals melodic content this is a very good remix and its nice too, to see some experimental breaks in there. Overall great
Once again excellent 90s style trance.

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