Sing a Song (For Nikdo2)

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Arranged by:
BeeZerk Veteran
Composed by:
Alan Petrik (Factor6)
All-Time charts position:

Lyrics by Frank H. Carter III (Songboy3)
Usage under Creative Commons License Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0)
Song Of Praise (Sing A Song)


Lyrics (taken out of the Original context) :


Sing a Song

That there’s a reason why


Oh my my my my my


Sing a Song sing a Song

They say
Why try

But That there’s a reason why
We’re just born to die
For all the birds that fly

Sometime love is gonna last forever & ever (lift me up) & ever & ever & ever 

Some day
Some say
How do we continue when the road is so hard here

Each step
Each breath
Harder than the last one & It makes you unsure

So ain’t no need to wonder why
ohhh oh oh oh part of me yeah

Some day
Some say
Each step
Each breath



Have Phun!

Perfect as always! But not my style.
So much fun song and lyrics fit perfectly
Solid work! Almost a bit 90's.
I am kind of in disappoint. Disregarding the song-samples, it's not even average. This is beezerk afterall.
Really good! It's a keeper.
Well produced, but unfortunately I hate how it sounds.:(
Stable smooth 90 disco here. The background is awesome for a rainbow-(d)-demo with shaded cubes, lost of particles. Enjoyable as can be.
Very cool. Though I so love the grumpily bass of the original very much. But this is pretty much club-compatible!
Effectively we are back in the 90's. And it does it very well for me. Excellent work Beezerk!
"What is love"-ish, yet if I want to listen to cheesy Haddaway, I don't turn SLAY radio on...
Outstanding dance track in professional quality! Sounds like Skrillex or Disclosure. Added to my collection.

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