c64Forbidden Forest (Dont Go Walking Slow)

Arranged by: The C64Mafia   Veteran
Members: DHS, Lars Erhardt Christensen (larsec), Marcus Nilsson (Makke), Eike Steffen (romeo_knight)
Original composer: Paul Norman
Tune length: 3:34
Release date: 20/12/2004
All-Time rank: 1074.
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Forbidden Forest (Dont Go Walking Slow)
Ok homies, this choon was supposed to be very laid back from the start.
We didn't want the usual attempt to do a scary arrangement, so we opted for something more original.
As we thought, it created some sharp divisions between the ones who catched the spirit orf the remix on one side and the ones who don't hear the melody of the original sid (that's *all* *there*) on the other, because:

a) need some ears cleaning or,
b) need a new stereo set or,
c) "has some prejudice for the composers" or
d) want a remix a 1:1 conversion of the sid or
e) all the above.

Back to the muthafuckin' choon, it's nothing out of the norm in the arrangement field; heavy use of samples, a nice bass riff, light mastering (it was nearly ok from the start).

Papa Sid did (as always) a fuckin' brilliant work with the vocals.
  • RK: LOL You still can't hear it? too bad.
  • Bastard: the entire melody is under the singin' verse starting from "don't go walking slow...". Can't hear it? Well, most people can (the ones with the "prejudice", you remember?), excluding you and some others... The true thing is that it's level is low and works mostly on a nearly subliminal level (as it was intended). But it's there and definitely audible.
  • As they say in Italy, "Non c'e' peggior sordo di chi non vuol sentire".


I was chillin' at the back of my home
Needed to relax, and just be alone
Weather was fine, the sky was clear
So I was sitting in the sun just zippin' a beer

Opened the paper, a headline read
Be ware of the spiders, or you'll be dead
I didn't take the stuff so seriously
But all was to change, quite mysteriously

Cus how was I supposed to know
That just there down by the road
The trees are cursed

And how was I supposed to know
That where all the birch's grow
You must expect the worst

Realized it was late when I looked at my clock
So I whistled for my dog to take a walk
Strolling down the street with no cares in mind
When I heard a noise and turned around

There before me, a hideous beast
I was scare, to say the least
I couldn't believe this spiders size
And that was when I realized

Don't (don't) go (go) walking slow on your own
In Forbidden Forest
Don't (don't) go (go) without your bow in the zone
Called Forbidden Forest

So there I was surrounded by all these scary creatures
They were even scarier than what Microsoft call features
I was so scared I almost shat my pants
But I realized that I only had one good chance

So I pulled out my bow and started firing arrows
At huge bloody bees that were larger than sparrows
And weird ass creatures that were jumping around
Stumbling as they died with a *crrrk*y sound

I wasn't chillin' anymore as you might gave guessed
But killing all in sight like I was possessed
Blood all around, from my foe
Mafia style as I hope you know

Just like Trauma was singing
I was shootin' and I was killin'
I'm shootin' I'm killin' & /repeat.html

Cus how was I supposed to know
That just there down by the road
The trees are cursed

And how was I supposed to know
That where all the birch's grow
You must expect the worst

Don't (don't) go (go) walking slow on your own
In Forbidden Forest
Don't (don't) go (go) without your bow in the zone
Called Forbidden Forest

Forbidden Forest (Dont Go Walking Slow)
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6 Tas shouts: Ha! Thought this had been submitted years ago!
6 Dan shouts: Re submitted? Tut tut, this happens to be in my car at the mo, its a classic
6 LMan shouts: The Mafia tune finally hits RKO. Extremely laid back and creative. G-Funk anyone?:)
6 Skitz shouts: I nearly SHAT my pants!
4 Waz shouts: It's well produced, but where the heck is Forbidden Forest? Sure, the vocals refer to it, but there's no feel.
6 infamous shouts: Dont go missing this.. Walk in forbidden forest. Great stuff.
5 aries shouts: Can't find the original melody besides the intro. Please correct me if I'm missing something (a cranky variation perhaps?).
2 bastard shouts: It's apparent that some of the voters has some prejudice for the composer. Really - as the tune has next to nothing to do with the original it should be disqualified. What's next? 'Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting' as a 'Yie Ar Kung-Fu' remix?
4 madfiddler shouts: Another class mix guys.
5 c64glen shouts: Da Mafia "hit" again.
3 Dumper shouts: A nice mix but too far away from the original for my tastes.
6 hispeed shouts: Listened to it too much already.. Darn it.. Still one of the few outstanding remixes of forbidden forest :)
2 beldin shouts: Stay away from this if you're in search of a remix.
2 eliot shouts: The song itself is great, but it's not a "Forbidden Forest" remix.
4 weasel shouts: Well, although the _only_ link to the original SID might be the _very_ beginning of the tune!! ;-) hmm....
5 devilhood shouts: I have a soft spot for funk hehe, though you should have really included the beginning rhodes part during the rapping, it would have made more sense that way :^
5 M.A.F shouts: I heard this after the Draxx remix. This is better. Very different to whats out there anyway. Goldie Looking Chain.
5 valtsu shouts: Listenable pop
5 anaconda shouts: Nearly deleted it when I heard the intro..!;)
6 sabreman shouts: Just hear this on the podcast - funny stuff! I don't usually like vocal remixes but this one is great :D
5 omoroca shouts: Stylish! Scary! Entertaining! Well done, guys! Added to my collection.
6 condor shouts: Ha! G-Funk era! :D Excellent remix!
6 provolik shouts: Generally I don't like this genre but this song is great ;-)
3 Psychonaut shouts: Great singing and instrumentation, but the lyrics are incredibly hokey.

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