c64Robocop Title Remix

Arranged by: CZ Tunes (act)   Veteran
Member: cz_tunes (member)
Original composer: Jonathan Dunn
Tune length: 5:23
Release date: 16/05/2001
All-Time rank: 1725.
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3 blue.flame shouts: Hmmmm.... A sid + drums, nasty deep pad and little bit fx.... Quite wired (sorry) ://
5 omoroca shouts: Lots of emotion in this one, just like in the original SID. Great job! Added to my collection.
5 rjbarlow shouts: I have heard this song I don't know how many times, I think this is the most close remix to the original, fantastic, Jonathan Dunn's SID. The SID of Robocop was already into my favourites all time and this remix too.
5 pie vs pie shouts: I like the sid drums thind its not that easy todo so well done

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