c64Sword Of Honour Remix

Arranged by: CZ Tunes (act)   Veteran
Member: cz_tunes (member)
Original composer: John Carehag (Ziphoid)
Tune length: 3:29
Release date: 27/11/2007
All-Time rank: 1281.
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Sword Of Honour Remix


Here is a short medley from SWORD OF HONOUR!

Great work Ziphoid. ;)



Nice greets CZ-TUNES



Sword Of Honour Remix
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5 Waz shouts: Very good effort all round here - nice and bright lead which works well with the other instruments, and the arpeggio reverb strangely works!
5 chilli_uk shouts: Solid - totally solid - great work mate - I love it -
5 prowler shouts: Good solid stuff!
4 Razmo shouts: Change the drums, and this one might get an orange from me... It has a nice synthy feel in my ears, but the drums take it down, and also I felt the tune being a bit slow.
5 LaLa shouts: I really like the ethereal feeling of this remix. It's refined, not spectacular. Very enjoyable.
4 symbols shouts: Nice to hear something at a mellower tempo, atmospheric and simple.
4 omoroca shouts: Not bad! Something feels wrong, though, but can't put my finger on it. It doesn't really sound Stereo somehow.
5 Skitz shouts: Something about CZ tunes remixes that have a style of their own - this is really nice.
5 knotti shouts: CZ-Tunes halt ;)
4 Dr-Duke shouts: The beginning is awesome. But with time this track looses some of his magic. Try to get back the magic of the beginning to the end. So for now, just a yellow one.
5 nummer2 shouts: Very great CZ :)

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