Budbrain Megademo 1 - Endtheme daXX RMX

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daXX Veteran
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Very nice. @Ziphoid: 3 queue updates in a row!!! Thats very nice aswell...;)
Not my taste, aimless song and akward lead instrument. But professinal mastering as always makes a yellow face.
Excellent production... I make audio cd's of Amiga Tunes to listen with my friends, and this one here would take part of my next one!
Yes, I asked for it. Yes, I knew this would sound, errrr, strange. But I think this is a really hard one. Could this be done better? I dont know... And I also have to re-hear this with good speakers, only crappy laptop at the moment.
Amazing remix from a amazing tune!
I like everything but beat - it could be less aggressive, softer, more melancholic etc. Overall amazing remix, thanks!
Great done. Thx.:-)
Whoa I LOVE the budbrain endtheme - thank you for creating such a faithful cover!

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