AmigaD-MOB II - X-Tacy - daXX TechHouse Mix

Arranged by: daXX (act)   Veteran
Member: daXX (member)
Original composer: Turbobrain of D-MOB
Release date: 20/09/2008
All-Time rank: 382.
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D-MOB II - X-Tacy - daXX TechHouse Mix


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5 DHS shouts: An Hithouse is there too :)
5 _steve_ shouts: The 80s dance sound makes a serious revival!
6 infamous shouts: I love daxx, in a totally straight kind of way. This has a real elektro feel to it, whilst stroking ye olde early 90's tech (marrs style) house stuff. Just brilliant
5 Melaure shouts: Didn't have this music disk on my 500 but great mix!
4 Nebdar shouts: Good but not mine style, to much repeating in this track
5 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Great Track. Well done.:-)

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