Giana Sisters Intro&Ingame Daxx Remix

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Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
Composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
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My word. DaXX, you keep impressing me!
Intresting. Two red faces and that beginning? How high wasn't my expectations? :-) I had to listen to I at few times before voting. I'll have to go with the flow here. It's a really well produced remix (except that I don't like the first 15 sec :-P).
Great great great! Wonderfull arrangement and orchestration, top mixing and mastering. Wow!
Great idea, great execution, great variation, but as an orchestral piece this sounds a little thin. Some bad instrument choices also. That beeing said, this is the most original Giana Sisters remix I've heard, so 2 thumbs up!
If you dont get a call from mr huelsbeck id be surprised! Awesome
Excellent! A new inspiring mix from the man!
Hmm, he can do dancy stuff, he makes a LOT of remixes and now he shows that he can do orchestral stuff as well. Impressive. We're gonna have to rename this site to daXX-remix. Com soon.;)
Very very nice stuff
First I started to listen and loaded up the voting window and saw makke's vote. My first thought was that this guy must be on drugs due to the harp I heard playing. But was I in for a surprise. Great work!!!
Daxx is back on form - and going after Glyns' territory ;) Excellent stuff!
Excellent work Daxx.
An excellent remix! The first few seconds of the ingame part always remind me of Mulholland Drive :)
Wow!!! That's great it's fantastic :-D
Quality from germany ;-)
Great work, great quality!
I've heard many remixes, but this is shurly one of the best
Awesome! Amazing, nice work. Go Ahead...
Masterspiece truely MAGNIFICENT. Super Outstanding or simply putted WoW
Amazing!!! Love the overall sounds and the arrangement is fab!
Superb work but the drums take it down a notch for me, they'd be better off ditched
Good job.
A W E S O M E!!!
A true nostalgia gem!
Great. Some instrument choices like TR909 crash cymbal isn't fitting for the orchestral overall atmosphere.
Very Awesome!

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