Lotus III - Miami Ice daXX TranceMix

Track info
Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
Composed by:
Patrick Phelan
All-Time charts position:
It's nearly unbelievable how much energy this track has. DaXX ist the whooomp-master!
I surrender...
I have to disagree here, a very weak lead instrument makes this kind of a hollow track...
Not my cup of tea, but your remix really kicks butt! Well done, man!
One very energetic track but the melodic line could be a bit more pronounced - it's too quiet with all the techno rummage going around.
Good job.
Very good trance remix. Nice job
Great one, mr. Crusher!
Wonderful tekkno dream song, well done!
Can`t hear any Guitar. Just BOOM, BOOM, BOOM - and WTH: I like it! XD But: a little bit too long - and too much repetition IMO
I hate this kind of Trance, but I love the original and I like the symbiosis of both.
Gonna get me getting with the sound. Well done.:-)
Awesome track.

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