AmigaRise Up 2007 Extended Remix

Arranged by: daXX (act)   Veteran
Member: daXX (member)
Original composer: Romeo Knight
Release date: 13/09/2007
All-Time rank: 404.
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Have search about 4 years for the original vocals and finaly found them all in high quality

Thanks for some tipps from Romeo Knight... Complete Rearranged Tune with new HQ-Samples ;)

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4 firefox shouts: Gives me a feeling of a guy called Cameo and the song "Word Up" hehe. I quite like this one. Not the best songs of Mr. Romeo Kniggit! IMHO. Rather good remix too.
5 Makke shouts: Excellent remix of a pretty boring, though classic tune from Eike. I'm not sure it's going to be a very very big hit though.;)
6 Boz shouts: I'm lovin' it. This song has always been nostalgic to me (especially the Cameo-esque drumbeat), and hearing an extended cleaned-up version of it had me smiling right from the get-go. Can't give it anything less than top marks!
6 Skitz shouts: Impressive reworking of my favourite track from RSI Megademo! Top marks DaXX!
4 floaf shouts: It's a good remake, plain & simple. Adds a few bits to the samples :-)
5 Ziphoid shouts: Nicely done. 1:1++ this time. Nice enhancments but still keeping the original track in mind.
4 XxDUSTYxX shouts: It's very close to the original, but it's cool.
4 Dr Future shouts: Another 1:1 by Daxx. The original is sooo classic, I love it. It's a pitty that Daxx only does 1:1 covers...
5 prowler shouts: I like it, but daXX's first remix in 2006 was better...
4 matt shouts: I like the Original but your "Rise Up DaxxTRS Remix" is also better than this work. Sry...
4 _steve_ shouts: A very competent remix with a very different approach to your original mix. However your "Rise Up daXXTRS Remix" is still the definitive remix of this track.
6 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Rrrrrrr, great version of the Megamix. Well done!!!

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