RSI Megademo - Space2 Endtheme - daXX Remix

Track info
Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
Composed by:
Norbert Roecher (Bit Arts)
All-Time charts position:

The real Endpart of the Red Sector Megademo which the most people never know!


The second disc contains 2 endparts. The Japanese Rock Endpart with Yellow Font and after that Part, the most versions of RSI Megademo crashed...

But there was another Part behind with space2.mod composed by Norbert Roecher known as Bit Arts!


Enjoy the Remix of it...


Btw. I did'nt use any remastered amigasample this time. I rebuid all sounds good as possible with VST Instruments and changed some to better one.

One of my all-time favourites. Bit Arts really knew how to assemble samples. This is - as always - a 1:1 cover, but the quality is outstanding. DaXX, you da man!
Excellent!!! Nothing constructive to say... :D
Kannte das orginal gar nicht aber das Teil fetzt
Red again! Am I in heaven or what?:)
Nice. I like that mellow lead sound and the "jarresque" elements you added.
Very well done but for me it lacks of magic and music combination.
I love this track!!!
What a beautiful tune this was. DaXX, you've done it proud.
Whoa, whoa, whoa what a sound! Great Job, daxx!!!
Used as last tune on my wedding ceremony :)
Cool! Even Bit Arts himself commented on this remix!:)

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