Thundercats (daXX remix)

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Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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Thundercats in Score !


This was one of my favorite tunes on the C64. Rob Hubbard did a great job with it. Catchy melodies and powerfull beat.

Remixed with some Orchestra Libs ... (Sorry i don't have my own orchestra at the closet)...


Thanks to Rob hubbard for that great original.

I hope you like that interpretation.




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This sounds awesome. Sounds very Nexus preset'ish, but who cares? Damn fine track, Bert!
Great work once again, would be a red if it could pull me in more with some atmosphere.
Amazing! Like this so much more than the original!
Great remake. Listened to it a few times in a row Wow!
Very nice. A non-straightforward take on the original tune!
Very well done, amazing arrangement! I think it wants to sound more grandiose than it is, though, maybe due to the synthy instruments.
One of my favourite tunes, very well done.
Omoroca is boring :) Nice stuff mate. I like the way how you tamed the closet orchestra. You could capture the essence quite fine I think.
Rondo VeThundercats! Sweet remix. Sounds like one of the grand 80's synth inspired classical gas arrangements. The second half is the sweet spot for me. Liking the recent run of stuff, man's a production machine!
A great & innovative remix. Never thought it could sound this way :)
Very very epic

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