Yo Africa - daXX Remix

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daXX Veteran
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Good stomp, but uninspiring
Nice mix and instrumentation but a tad bit boring - in lack of a better word.:)
Jep... Like Sonic Wanderer and Ziphoid said.
Don't remember the original, but the mix is spot on. Top quality, nice samples (Turbo B.?).
One of my all-time favorite Amiga tunes :)
I like it, one of my favourite demos from golden days of the Amiga.
Cool, I've totally forgotten about this old mod, thanks forremixing it...
Cool stuff! Just could do with some more tweaks, ideas or whatever to spice it up some more
It reminds me of old disco tunes but with upbeat!;)
Nice sampling!!!
I really like it, it just lacks a little thing... The real latelybass. Nice one.
I remember hearing this on an old audio tape, then I got an Amiga, and here we are.. This song is still GREAT!
Love it! I feared a remake of this awesome module, but this is great!! Similar, but still different instruments. Nice!!
Oh yeah. Could be littlebit intensive
Cool combination withe the voices. Well done!^^

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