c64Delta Zero

Arranged by: DJ Czyszy (act)   Remixer
Member: DjCzyszy (member)
Original composer: Rob Hubbard
Tune length: 1:08
Release date: 21/04/2011
All-Time rank: 3499.
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A heavy chip-metal arrangement of the theme from Delta originally composed by the legendary Rob Hubbard.

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3 LMan shouts: Quite nice but rather... Unfinished.
2 Boz shouts: There's SO many Delta remixes out there that a new one would have to be pretty outstanding. Unfortunately, this is Delta By Numbers, including incorrect chords and sounds like a Work-in-Progress.
4 slaygon shouts: Enjoyed this somewhat, but again - It's "just another Delta". Remixing a track that's already been remixed numerous times requires you to go the extra mile. No extra mile here.
3 Martijn shouts: Same remix style as the Lightforce track. But it works better for Lightforce than it does for Delta. Still not a bad track but it's in need of more 'love & attention' for it to become truly good.
5 pie vs pie shouts: Its a nice "meaty" and competent remix the drumfill at the end left me thinking it was gonna break into new territory but then it stopped
4 LaLa shouts: There are some really interesting riffs in this remix, I quite like them, the drums are good, unfortunately, the tune is just too short and the lack of a proper intro hurts. The mixing is a bit muddy, too.
4 vurtx shouts: Its starts really well and all the instruments are fine especially the drums, but why so short?
2 omoroca shouts: Short but bad!
5 Arne shouts: Very good hard rock mix. A bit too short but I like it! Very good job.
2 weasel shouts: Nothing really special among those other 10000000000 (better) remixes of this one...
1 ulfepulf shouts: I heard a correct chord in there somewhere! Nice :)

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