c64It's a Noisy Pillars Tune 2 (Ketchup Girls Mix)

Arranged by: DJ Mitch (act)   Remixer
Member: Mitch van Hayden (member)
Original composer: Jeroen Tel
Tune length: 5:05
Release date: 07/10/2008
All-Time rank: 962.
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It's a Noisy Pillars Tune 2 (Ketchup Girls Mix)


REVIEW BY ozzy1 (20/10/2008)

It's a sin!
The start of this remix made me check if Pet Shop Boys had got into my playlist. Near copying the start, I was afraid of this getting in violation with the copyrights.
But then it woke up. It sounds like a fresh take on the song, and there isnt a trace of Ketchup in it.
The reverb could have been dampened somewhat, there is a lot of sound hitting the ear, but all in all, its a great soundtrack feel to it.
Best used when fealing down after a sin...:-)
Technical Impression: 4
Artistic Impression: 5
Nostalgic Impression: 5
Overall: 6

5 bastard shouts: Superb flow
5 Amok shouts: Superb indeed. Mixing could be a tad better imho...
5 LaLa shouts: It has a very good Pet Shop Boys feeling to it (think "It's a Sin") with modern dance elements, but unfortunately the mix is too washed out, there's too much reverb.
6 commodoremuseum shouts: Its a SID! Fan bloodytastic
6 knotti shouts: Nice and very nice!
6 germantaz shouts: Everything I ever done... Its a sin!
6 drax shouts: Someone really caught the idea of this sid... It is definately related to the Pet Shop Boys tune... Excellent ;)
5 XxDUSTYxX shouts: I'm not a big fan of dance tracks, but this is a very good Remix!
5 migu shouts: It's a Sin is a great song and this is a great remix. Could be technically better though.
6 Metal shouts: It's not often these trancy remixes make an impression on me, but this one does. And as others have mentioned, you nailied it with the Pet Shop Boys style.
6 chilli_uk shouts: Smacking my head against the wall in honour!!!! Great
5 Nebdar shouts: For higher rank I must listen to it more closely or it just very good
5 Makke shouts: Love the Pet Shop Boys incorporation!
6 Ic3m4n shouts: After hearing it a few times, it really grows on me :) Production is Hi-Fi... As always!
4 condor shouts: It's good one, I don't sound of that noisy fat saws.

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