Foreign Girl (Platones McCheese Areolas)

Track info
Arranged by:
DjUnz! Veteran
Composed by:
Steven Diemer (A-Man)
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Well prooduced dance track in typical italio style. Very enjoyable
Quality production and a good choice of sid, just a little over long imo
Standard eurobeat. Nothing special in my ears.
Kinda sounds like DHS - I hear they are friends!
Standard dance stuff... Well produced...
Very slick, professional. However, misses some personality.
Damn - I really *LOVE* the part from 03:07 until 04:08 and from 04:52 - End! Awesome Groove!=))
! Unz
Nice stuff, but I can't hear that drums any longer...:-/
Very well done! I had to download the original to listen to it. And I admit it couldn't be the hardest tune to remix. But well done all in all!
Superbly produced - excellent quality.
Professional trance tune.
Solid dance remix, but too Unz-y for my taste. Furthermore, I have the feeling it tries too much to sound like Instant Remedy but isn't even half as good.
This sounds original & fresh! .. Nah it sounds like a million others tunes, was this generated by a bot?

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