Thanatos (The Piano Dragon)

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Arranged by:
Dr Future Veteran
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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Another great mix from Dr Future. Awesome!
An elegant and polished remix, a beautiful gem.
Great work!
Nice relaxing tune. Will add this to my "Songs to play while I'm dreaming in my bathtube"-Playlist. Great Job, Dr Future.
Very good mix!
Wow - never thought the Thanatos could be soooo gooood! Thanks Dr. Future
I think thats the kind of music you're living for. Relaxing with Guitars.. Thats Dr. Future Sound at it's best!
Have a red bake from me! Lovely version of Thanatos.
Lots of love for the small details in this tune! Added to my collection.
Another sweet remix.
Review by Grigul


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Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Wonderful remix, lovely chilling tune. When I heared that tune first time (2 minutes ago ^^ ), I thought to myself Cool, another song for my Bathtube-Playlist. When I'm chilling in my Bathtube I like to listen to relaxing songs and chilling tunes. Believe me: Headbanging to a Metal-Tune while your hair is wet is not so good while bathing - the whole Bathroom will be a mess. So I decided to listen to those tunes I never would listen at work or in my car - chilling and relaxing ones. BTT: Great Job, Captain.....errrr....Dr Future. I love it. ^^