AmigaSuper Hang-On - The Winning Run

Arranged by: gibs (act)   Veteran
Member: gibs (member)
Original composer: Katsuhiro Hayashi, Koichi Namiki
Release date: 15/06/2011
All-Time rank: 300.
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Super Hang-On - The Winning Run


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5 Dr Future shouts: Sorry, all I can say is - The usual, very good Gibs stuff. You know how to play!
5 daXX shouts: How rock or metal should sound. You got it ;)
5 Retro Freaks shouts: Cracking Remake! One of my all time retro favs!
6 Chainsaw shouts: Just great
5 TheMessenger shouts: Drives home the point of the game! It's just a bit too speedy for me cause the main melody gets almost lost...
5 Kuro68k shouts: Great Japanese game guitar sound

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