AmigaOdyssey Part 5 New Trance Mix

Arranged by: Isacco Garcia Peveri (act)   Veteran
Member: Isacco Garcia Peveri (Isacco1975) (member)
Original composer: Greg of Alcatraz
Release date: 30/09/2012
All-Time rank: 537.
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REVIEW BY zzr (12/10/2012)

Since i'm a big fan of the Odyssey soundtrack, i decided to do my first review on this song. So lets get started.

First off, i find it pretty hard to remix this songs, theyre dense stuff, unlike a lot of much more simple old amiga tunes. props to this remixer for doing this track, and doing it well!

in detail:

Technical impression:
the only flaw i see is the mixing. sometimes its a bit more muddy than it could be, not clearly seperating all the instruments from each other. Leading me to a yellow smiley and the urge to look out for future remixes of this artist wich will surely become more experienced with this.

Artistic impression:
The song is surely well made with a lot of different instruments and fx, wich just suit it very well. From that i see the artist is someone who does music already for a longer time and knows how to place his stuff to make and/or keep the song interesting. Variation keeps coming, while still being on the run, in a solid trancy way. Red smiley for all the nice stuff in this song and the pretty flawless arrangement of all that.

Since its a Trance remix, it loses out a bit of the originals relaxing arrangement. Makes up for this with having a solid beatline wich pushes you forward through the track. Orange for that, and for being still very remarkable in comparison to the original Song.

Overall, i actually prefer this version of the odyssey5 from the one made by daXX. thats pretty much why i decided to put my very first review on this track.

Get it, and enjoy it:-)

Technical Impression: 4
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 5
Overall: 5

4 _steve_ shouts: A nice renditioin of the tune. DaXX's version was more faithful to the original minimalistic nature of the tune, this upbeat vesion still works well though.
5 Szudi shouts: Interesting version, technical good, but in my opinion to dynamic.
4 pj shouts: Hey, this is actually good stuff. What happened to you?:)
6 Grant shouts: Amazing atmosphere, really nice flow. Sounds great!
5 Rapture shouts: Well done!:)

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