c64Exploding Fist Bad September RMX

Arranged by: J Krafft (act)   Newcomer
Member: g3r (member)
Original composer: Neil Brennan
Tune length: 4:13
Release date: 25/10/2006
All-Time rank: 332.
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This one is produced slightly different from my earlier remakes, using an Alesis X2 mixer rather than mixing the entire track in a digital domain. I doubt anyone will take notice of that, but somehow I like the warm sound of the analouge desk

It got its title "Bad September" from an excessive case of insomnia.

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REVIEW BY Ghydda (08/11/2017)

Clear vibrant sound - the intro is especially catchy and the bass later on has a really nice rhythm.
Technical Impression: 5
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 4
Overall: 6

5 LMan shouts: Mmmh, sweet 90s trance. Me likes.
4 Dan shouts: Loved the intro on this
5 Makke shouts: Well executed, sir! The mix is very easy on the ears.
5 Waz shouts: Now this is something nice. It has the right amount of bleeps to resemble the original tune, and it's really well produced and easy on the ears. And to top it all, the lead is luscious. Me very much likes.
5 Tas shouts: Very nice.
5 Skitz shouts: Ahh yeah.... Now this is what I am talking about!
6 Chris Abbott shouts: Does almost everything right, though each individual instrument (with the exception of the lead) isn't quite as good as it could be. But me likes. Giving this a red because it's one of the best things I've heard in the queue for a long time.
6 elakfarbrorn shouts: Nice work man, you really nailed this one :D
5 klosterkatten shouts: Loved the intro, and the overall song was pretty good. Nice work!
4 eliot shouts: Technically it's outstanding, but the remix does not catch me... It's not Exploding Fist...
4 romeo_knight shouts: Nicely done, professionally executed but all of that asian feeling killed.
5 the_jinx shouts: Nice and smooth.. Love it!
6 trn shouts: EXCELLENT! One of the best versions of exploding fist I´ve heard. If not THE best. Super production and a perfect balance of old and new sounds..... TOP NOTCH!!!
6 jaytee shouts: Great Stuff!!! I shall be listening to this a load more times. Beautifully done, ticks all my boxes. I drool at that lovely warm pad you've used for the chords at the beginning and end. Reminds me of one of my fav new order remixes. Well done matey!
6 snorski shouts: Smooth....
5 dafunk shouts: Really nice production, thumbs up!
6 exo shouts: This bass just rocks hard! I'm giving it red for the bass.;)
6 weasel shouts: Really COOL varied version of such a legendary SID tune since ages!
6 prone shouts: Superb! Reminds me a bit of the great Dance Music from "Running Man"... Awesome Work!!!
6 cyphax shouts: I, too, really like this. Sounds very right.
5 chilli_uk shouts: This not only does the original JUSTICE, it surpasses it and will go down as a legend track - nice work well done
6 LaLa shouts: Perfect lead, I can't help but sing along with it. Excellent beat, like it was made for it. Groovy base. Great arrangement that oozes creativity. One of the best remixes of Exploding Fist so far!
6 moog shouts: Technically and musically outstanding!!
5 mal shouts: Great re-mix: cool fx, very good addition of chords & new elements in general! Very strong work!
6 leoni shouts: Wowsa - this makes me wanna dance!
5 Ziphoid shouts: Lots of nice bleeps and sweeps. All around well produced and perfectly balanced. I like this.
6 uanito shouts: Wonderful!
6 loz shouts: Exceptional mix
6 rossa shouts: Evocative
5 mfe shouts: Nicely done!
5 crik shouts: Emotional, nostalgic 90s like something like enigma
5 brix shouts: Great one! Even though the original's feel is lost completely it got replaced with a new, very intriguing, light and positive feel, which caught me on the spot. Love this one!
5 omoroca shouts: One of the best WOTEF remixes I've ever heard. Added to my collection.
6 arraknis shouts: Fett!
4 anaconda shouts: A bit cheezy intro. Better than average song. Well performed.
6 K8-bit shouts: Fabulous! One of my fave tunes ever gets a spectacular arrangement. Love it :)
6 kenaup shouts: Excellent
6 ms shouts: Top mix, top vibe. Love that!
6 Ghydda shouts: Very fab!

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