c64Commando (high score)

Arranged by: Johan Andersson (act)   Veteran
Member: Johan Andersson (Jojje70) (member)
Original composer: Rob Hubbard
Tune length: 2:26
Release date: 24/08/2014
All-Time rank: 751.
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5 YogibearRenoise shouts: Lovely!
5 macb3t shouts: I've enjoyed it. Nice style!
6 LaLa shouts: Love it!
5 mfe shouts: Nice and laid-back, it's always nice to hear good acoustic work. The tempo and timing are a bit loosey-goosey as it's not consistent across all instruments and it get s bit distracting.
5 LMan shouts: Beautiful.
5 zapp shouts: Just a bit short..
6 wavedancer shouts: Clear and dreamful acoustic sounds.

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