c64Falcon Patrol SID overdrive mix

Arranged by: LPChip (act)   Veteran
Member: LPChip (member)
Original composer: Steve Lee
Tune length: 3:41
Release date: 24/03/2012
All-Time rank: 1045.
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6 LaLa shouts: Wow! This is how the SID would've sounded if it had 6 voices! A-ma-zing! And that fat bass is just out of this world. Well done!
4 Paleface shouts: Bassline is great!
5 Melaure shouts: Not bad, Strings from defender of the crown? :D Sometime sounds a bit like my TI-99/4A computer ;)
6 c64glen shouts: Nice SID sounds, lots of fun. I'm unable to resist it's charms.
6 bgmnt shouts: Now this is great! And yes, the bassline. Wow.

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