c64Great Giana Sisters

Arranged by: machinae supremacy (act)   
Member: Andreas Gerdin (gordon) (member)
Original composer: Chris Huelsbeck
Tune length: 4:34
Release date: 03/10/2001
All-Time rank: 7.
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REVIEW BY buzzard (11/05/2005)

Most tracks have a shelf life of around 3 months generally speaking, you listen to it, like it, add to a good few playlists or burn onto several homemade compilation cds etc.
THen, inevitably, you get bored of hearing it and find something new to listen to.
This particular track is now a well over 3 years old and has lost none of the 'wow' factor from when I first heard it!

Not only was this one of the best remixes ever written, it still is as good, if not better than anything else since.

For those who never had a c64 - it's an amazing piece of music.
For those who grew up with a c64, it's a real sweet flashback as well.

The only question that remains now, is what happened to Machinae Supremacy???
Someone needs to kidnap whoever was responsible for this gem and lock them in a recording studio ASAP!
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REVIEW BY mfe (10/06/2005)

I'll start with the bad: I'm not a rock/metal fan.

That said, I can say that this arrangement smacks of professionalism, a brilliant sense of timing and creativity, mixing skills that rival most if not all commercial outfits and studios, and actually got me nodding my head along to a familiar SID.

Hats off to machinae supremacy...
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REVIEW BY mahoney (28/01/2003)

The first time I heard this, I thought "This is too good to be true!". And that feeling hasn't left, it's still there. Love at first sight! A good balance between screaming guitars and music (which might give a little hint of what I generally feel about hard rock) makes this song _the best_! :-D Thanks for the ride, Machinae Supremacy!
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REVIEW BY reactor (04/07/2003)

My hat off for this remix indeed!
They've kept the spirit of the song so perfectly intact, wrapped in all of those lovely grungy guitarsolos... Me love! One of the few to succesfully mix both modern style music along with the original soundtrack. And the intro is a chapter for itself, I definatly agree.

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REVIEW BY entity (13/11/2004)

Wow, I'm speechless!

This tune is without doubt one of the most enjoyable pieces I have heard; True to the original, yet quite different. I don't really know what else to add, except... Thank you, machinae supremacy :-)
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REVIEW BY fenghus (25/08/2004)

Too good to be true :-) It maintains original sound despite completely different instrumentation. I recommend looking to www.machinaesupremacy.com for more songs (esp. sidology tunes)
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REVIEW BY valentinerevolt (30/07/2004)

This is an excellent remake, it sticks to the original well whilst being a wildly different style. Its loud, its fun and its techinally amazing. Great guitar work in this piece.
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REVIEW BY daxx0r (26/04/2004)

I have honestly never heard anything that good! It really sounds "rockish" and original, at the same time as it doesn't forget the old classic melody!!! Two thumbs up!
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REVIEW BY raiden (21/04/2004)

This is one of the Gretest remiz ind Rock Version I LOVE IT!!! :-D
I hope that Machinae Supremacy Makes More of remixes :-D
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REVIEW BY tom (31/01/2003)

Puhh... that's what i call a REMIX !! GREAT STUFF !!
I can't say more , everything is said about this remix !!!
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REVIEW BY ryrynz (03/11/2013)

Obviously one of the best remixes of this tune ever. No wonder it was used in the Giana Sisters:Twisted Dreams game.
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Tas shouts: Groundbreaking!
romeo_knight shouts: Great production, maximum energy!
dacke shouts: Its still the best
deadguyfromhun shouts: Cool music
blue.flame shouts: Boaaaaaaah :D
benoni shouts: Whoaw! I would like to hear it in the air - and not only tonight! My All-time-favourite!
promus shouts: Great!
niccin shouts: Awesome!
giya shouts: Sounds great! But its too general.
boessu shouts: A song with a perfect e guitar surprise. Cool!!
ptitfous shouts: Had metal fans rocking on this!!
zjebur shouts: Excellent!
lbantonsen shouts: Best remix ever
kokakoda shouts: The best guitar rendition of a SID tune, ever. Period.
witzzard shouts: This simply rockxxxx :)
soundtrix shouts: Spectacular Power!!
d0cfunke shouts: Ver nice guitarversion!!
worgor shouts: The best interpretation of this theme ever - keep on rocking!
gibs shouts: Ouuuaassshhhh!!! Fuck this shit rock, this shit groove, I would like to put more than a red!!! A+++++++++ well done!
master_of_chaos shouts: Whoaaaa.. More of this
Waz shouts: Still a classic. Rock, rock and rock!
tomhol shouts: Excellent! Old recalls are so strong pouring tears into my eyes...
emrebulsat shouts: ... 1:51-1:54 seconds are finishing me... Excellent rock versiyon....
koroner shouts: Brilliant!
manobuda shouts: Muy, muy bueno
deathrunner shouts: What to say? But WOW!
LMan shouts: Not my cup of tea, but it surely rocks :)
omoroca shouts: Overrated but not bad either.
kyl1000 shouts: Good job!
rossa shouts: Wow great!!
thepiano shouts: On of my favourite
raj shouts: An other very good stuff, must have it!
sebuko shouts: Normally I hate rock and sidsounds. But this one kicks asses. I love it!!!
Andersson shouts: This is just too good to be true!
oxygen shouts: The best tune compose music I heard, keep doing more great music
Man from Stars shouts: Very impresive!
Imphenzia shouts: 100% for me, superb production quality, composition and arrangement. Retrointro and passage to modern remix is outstanding too.
humorguy shouts: The Commodore 64 and Rock'n'Roll. They have just had babies together!!!!! THIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
anaconda shouts: Simply the best remix ever done. All time favourite!
MORBID shouts: I am totally addicted to all these guitar-remixes! This one is just OUTSTANDING! More guitars! More punch! More drums..... Hell YEAH!:)
Amiga4eveR shouts: Outstanding!!!
Amok shouts: Imho the very best all time remix ever!!!!! :D
Mauz shouts: Almost made me cry.. Yeah.. That good ^^
james_mcl shouts: Greatest guitar work EVER!
Sperling shouts: Great!!!!
NecroPolo shouts: Instant get. Very few arrangers can reach this musical competence. The only downside is the small amount of machinae supremacy C64 tunes.
condor shouts: This IS best Giana Sisters remix.
Ansoe shouts: ... What can I say? Awesome...
inqisit0r shouts: Very nice
the_gullwing shouts: Nice track, but mixing could be made better for my taste
plokolp shouts: Intense energy. Loved it from the first time I heard it and I still play it at maximum volume whenever it comes around on my system.
Barss shouts: One of best c64 remix ever made... Machinae Supremacy rocks!
Badla shouts: Average. Out of tune solos.
stoo shouts: There will never be a better Giana Sisters remix. These guys perfected it. Unbeatable.
SarahKreuz shouts: \m/ (but why only 128 kbps?)
Spent shouts: Insanely good.
hillsman shouts: Great remix - I'm just not into rock.
NWorXParallax shouts: It'a a fantastic work. I can't get off. Let's play it again!!
prowler shouts: Great rock I presume, but I can't really stand the tune, sorry an average smiley from me...
Windshield_CB shouts: The "name this tune" bit in the beginning is the best part of the track, by far. The rest is average hair metal, with decent guitar but sterile drums and keys. Might work better in a live setting.
Iconoclast shouts: One of my all-time favorites. A brilliant classic.
ulfepulf shouts: Why give this anything but outstanding?
Nada shouts: What ZaPenguin said... Sorry
mfe shouts: I'm not a metal man, but the quality in this cannot be dismissed!
ryrynz shouts: For those that love this, check out Machinae Supremacy's work on Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams, it's epic! Grab the soundtrack!
Gungung! shouts: Just brilliant!

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