c64Mahoney - BoulderDash (Commodore 69 mix)

Arranged by: Mahoney (act)   Veteran
Member: Pex Tufvesson (mahoney) (member)
Original composer: Peter Liepa / Copyright (C) 1984 First Star Softwa
Tune length: 1:59
Release date: 30/12/2001
All-Time rank: 403.
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Mahoney - BoulderDash (Commodore 69 mix)

This is not what you think it is. I wont spoil it by telling you, but if you've heard the mix, you know. I hope you'll get a good laugh.

This is a work of fiction. All resemblence with now living creatures on this planet is unfortunately purely coincidential. Sob!

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Subject: RE: Boulder dash mixes


Do you have any idea how the Mahoney one was done? It sounds like a voice synthesizer that was programmed with a combination of text and midi. I'm so ignorant of music synthsis technology these days -- it was a big interest in my younger days, and I sometimes think of taking it up again, but I hardly know where to start.


Well, Peter (the author of the ORIGINAL Boulderdash sid!):

You're right on the spot! I use a program called Virtual singer v1.3, together with it's host program Melody Assistant. Not a very good (=natural) voice synthesis, but for these kinds of effects it worked!

Some have guessed it was some kind of vocoder, and well, it could have been, but it would be too much of a hassle of getting the rythm correct. Instead, it was a quick test of the program, the mix took in all about 5 hours to make.

The lyrics are (WARNING: SPOILER!):

I remember all the joy

I had with just a single toy

la la la

/it was so lovely/

it was a

co mo mo mo mo do re 64

/It was just fantastic/

I remember partying

and playing 'round

with everything

la la la

/it was so lovely/

on my

co mo mo mo mo do re 64

/It was just fantastic/

Lisa was a friend of mine

and she was looking oh so fine

la la la

/she was so lovely/

we played

co mo mo mo mo do re 64

and then I kissed her

it was just fantastic

She said I was oh so right

she said she could spend the night

la la la

her body was so lovely

she was so lovely

we did the

co mo mo mo mo do re 69

/It was just fantastic/

... and at the end, from a traditional swedish cartoon shown every christmas, a man yelling some words like You may end up in mental hospital cause of that. Sorry for the swedish, but I am swedish. And I didn't find any more suitable ending than this in english... Scandinavians laugh, so please laugh with us! (Or maybe at us!)

Have a noise night! / Pex Mahoney Tufvesson

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REVIEW BY immacolata (18/02/2003)

Mahoney seems to have an affinity for using voice or lyrics. And I think it's the first remix I've heard with Emil's father in it ;) The remix is ranking high on technical merit - getting those voices to work in a song - my hat off. Artistic impression ,well most of it is just a nice slow drum not much there. I guess all the hard work went into the voices and lyrics. As usual with mahoneys remixes I am undecided for a while whether I like them or not. I decided that this remix is good as another remix that isn't just a few synths slapped ontop of an old song. Originality factor high .) And it's not just quaint but also because it's with humor. And it got panting women in extasy as well.
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 4
Nostalgic Impression: 3
Overall: 4

REVIEW BY LaLa (04/02/2003)

A vocoder-galore a capella piece by Mahoney - it is a fun little cover, I quite like it!
Technical Impression: 0
Artistic Impression: 0
Nostalgic Impression: 0
Overall: 5

4 layson shouts: More or less a joke track, but it's a very good joke. Enjoy with caution.
6 koroner shouts: It is just... Fantastic! :D
6 damax shouts: This is probably the funniest C64 remix of all times. Thumbs up!
6 stallkerl shouts: Hahaha... Well, maybe not a musical musical masterpeace, but deffo the funniest remix I've ever heard!;)
6 Reyn shouts: I think Mahoney is one of the best remixers around. His originality and new aproaches on music are signs of a genius... He could work on the originality of his drumbeats though... And it's official.. JAMES BROWN IS DEAD!
5 omoroca shouts: Funny! Extra kudos for innovation!
5 datucker shouts: Pretty artistic impression...
6 Rodden shouts: Oh man... This is one of remix. Kwed's top 5 of all times! Fantastic!
6 nicodaemus shouts: Err... Well... Nice? Really nice? (Now where did I leave my head...?)
6 Raw shouts: Just gotta love this one!
6 mfe shouts: So different, so out of left field, so brilliantly executed and so damn funny!
6 bitmage shouts: Very artistic. Likely you will enjoy it or hate it.:-)
6 fraspras shouts: Great!

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