James Pond 2: RoboCod - Title - Fishy Agent

Track info
Arranged by:
Makke Veteran
Composed by:
Richard Joseph
All-Time charts position:
Sticks in the vein of the original (sounds very 60's with that funky organ).. I reckon if richard remade it, it'd probably sound alot like this.. Nicely done :)
Beauty at it's best... Though much like the original this gives it a SKA feeling and just stomps nicely..=)
Exellent remix of a true classic :)
I like the way you saved the original atmosphere of this piece.. And the "Hey"s really fit in well ;)
That's what I call a superb JamesPond-Remix! Thumbs up!
VeryNice!!!! Thx
Wonderful! Can't stop listening to this tune!
This one is very cool! :) I like it.
Very very convincing track. Most of all a humorous track that covers the game very well.
Superb!!! Nice done.^^
Nicely done indeed.:)

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