c64Spy vs Spy piano improvisation

Arranged by: Matti Paalanen (act)   Veteran
Member: Matti Paalanen (michikawa) (member)
Original composer: Nick Scarim / Copyright (C) 1984 First Star Softwa
Tune length: 4:15
Release date: 16/12/2016
All-Time rank: 1263.
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2 Dr Future shouts: Too little of the original detected error. The piano playing is smooth and relaxing, tho.
5 LMan shouts: Does what it says on the tin. Lovely play, rather to be regarded as "inspired by" Spy vs Spy.
5 mrt shouts: I found this one very relaxing, pleasure to hear, nice comeback :)
5 LaLa shouts: You must really like Spy vs Spy! This completes your trilogy of covers? :-) I still like your '08 rendition the best, but this is beautiful, too.
5 Marcus shouts: Piano solo is played with a lot of heart and emotion.
6 Mordi shouts: Wow. This is excellent! Do more!
5 Snake1 shouts: Nice one to chill.

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