c64 / Amiga albumOnly You

Arranged by: Monotron (act)   Newcomer
Member: tonka (member)
Original composer: Vince Clarke
Tune length: 3:12
Release date: 06/04/2008
All-Time rank: 3.
On album: Syntax Era - Remix64 Volume 3
Disk 1, Track 17
Remix64 V3 Syntax Era Get this tune here!


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6 Ziphoid shouts: I just LOVE this version, although I must confess that I loved the WIP when Tonka was singing by himself even better...;)
6 omoroca shouts: Amazing!
6 jackal shouts: Absolutely brilliant..10/10
6 Peter W shouts: Fantastic... What a cool idea to arp the vocals in true sid style. Great job Tonka! Can't find the connection to a sid remix though.^^
6 Ph0B1uS shouts: Amazing track! Love this one to bits, a well deserved red smiley from me.
6 Mordi shouts: I love it. :D
6 drcode shouts: Great combination of quite rude sounds with beautiful singing. The mixture makes it stand out.
6 The SIE shouts: Just Great!!! Luv this one very much.. Good job
6 c5 shouts: Really looking forward to the Monotron album.
6 infamous shouts: A sheer work of genius this, absolutely pleasurable to the ear
6 Andersson shouts: Oh! My! GOD!
6 Kate Eternal shouts: Sweet!

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