c64Ocean Loader 2

Arranged by: Mordi (act)   Veteran
Member: Mordi (member)
Original composer: Martin Galway
Tune length: 5:19
Release date: 14/05/2009
All-Time rank: 44.
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Thanks to Skitz and Ziphoid for helping out with the chords.

VST's used:
Audjoo Helix

Sequenced and mixed in FL Studio 8.

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REVIEW BY ryrynz (27/02/2013)

I love how this remix progresses it really brings you into the song! Totally mellow but powerful too.

This does the SID proud, it's the best Ocean loader remix so far, yes you have topped Instant Remedy with this one.
I love that it's over 5 minutes long too! And that progression at 3.45,, OMG.

Chick chick chick... CHICK AHHH.
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

6 Skitz shouts: What can I say! Simply Outstanding!
6 prowler shouts: Wonderful! I can never hear enough good covers on the all-time SID classics :-)
6 mace shouts: Damn, another masterpiece to the Mordi collection to play during those long drives alone. Love the purity how all is put together.
5 nummer2 shouts: Another great remix :)
6 NecroPolo shouts: Haha, I got ya! You get a. Sid file, just run through your MORDIFIER plugin - and that's it :) Quality work, as always.
6 Shark shouts: Yes great work really liked it better then all these dance tracks of late and I can never get enough ocean loader remixs so cheers!
5 Dr Future shouts: Top quality as always. Very good job, Mordi. Hats off!
6 bratac shouts: Massive! Perfect!
6 schlicky shouts: Everything Mordi does is outstanding!
6 _steve_ shouts: I love this laid back style. Great mix Mordi!
5 brix shouts: I'm not really a fan of the J. M. -Jarre-Style, but I have to say it is indeed a very good remix.
6 XxDUSTYxX shouts: Thumbs up! This one is brilliant!
6 condor shouts: Very nice remix... Can listen it all day long.
6 chilli_uk shouts: I think this is awesome and mellow - I think one day one person will use a guitar on this as well - its perfect for it - but wow amazing work!
5 Tyler Durden shouts: One of the better Oceanloader remixes available!
5 LaLa shouts: Great stuff, nice, laid-back atmosphere.
6 ScottMcUK shouts: Thank you soooo much for this. Hope you pay homage to some of the other Ocean Loaders also.
6 Danceaway shouts: Best oceanloader remix I've heard... Very nice
5 omoroca shouts: A little less dynamic compression would've been good. But it's awesome anyway! Added to my collection.
6 russ shouts: This is just amazing, I cant stop playing this :-)
6 Raffox shouts: Mordi you rock
4 Hamlet shouts: So lal la
6 kudek shouts: What??? No singing babes and techno loops? Hehehe... Enough jokes. AWESOME work. Thanks Mordi! C64 playlist extended by one song.
6 Bingo shouts: The original is sooo good it just can't be spoiled :-) Great remix, excellent arrangement, the lead synth is a bit too soft for my liking.
4 inqisit0r shouts: Really good but so many ocean loader remixes done its not an original remix. Also, at 3:35, there is an offbeat piano keyboard which I dont like
6 Dumper shouts: Stunning, and a beautiful use of sounds.
6 eliot shouts: Sooo astonishing... Thx a lot
5 komet shouts: Bravo! Very fluffy and smooth production and the arrangement has great flow. Now why can't I do stuff like this?
6 balloonhead shouts: Fantastic Remix, plz more of it in here
6 Melaure shouts: Excellent
6 Xtrabyte shouts: Excellent
6 DJSquiggy shouts: Best Ocean Loader I have heard yet!
6 Mrcookie shouts: With this one, it can load for hours without making me impatient
6 Fishs shouts: SImpy awesome
6 Twinbee shouts: A classic then and a classic now.
6 horizoner shouts: Speechless...
6 FuzzyDweeb shouts: My favourite version of the classic!
6 ryrynz shouts: A perfect remix of this classic tune, who ever gave this an average face, SHAME ON YOU! I wish it was a bit more open (less dynamic compression? ) and a higher bitrate would have been nice.
6 Comajim shouts: WEeeeee!
4 xerex shouts: Quite nostalgic..
5 carlos shouts: Very good sound and arrangement. Thanks Mordi.
6 Kate Eternal shouts: Out-stan-ding!
6 Xplorer shouts: Awesome

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