c64Shape (ft NecroPolo)

Arranged by: Mordi (act)   Veteran
Member: Mordi (member)
Original composer: Johannes Bjerregaard
Tune length: 2:00
Release date: 25/04/2015
All-Time rank: 65.
Download this tune at Remix.Kwed.Org

NecroPolo plays the solo near the end. The first part was improvised by him. Turned out pretty cool!

The Bap bap's in the background is Lea.

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6 mfe shouts: Smooth and groovy. Love it.
6 LMan shouts: Yes. This owns. Perfect.
6 YogibearRenoise shouts: Short 'n Sweet!!!
6 LaLa shouts: Buttery smooth mix, great groove. But why so short? Now I'll have to put it on loop in my MP3 player!
6 chabee shouts: Oh. It's great!
6 _steve_ shouts: Mordi has funky down to a tee
6 Mxf shouts: I wish it was longer. Really great tho! Love the guitars.
5 ChrisBond shouts: Well, not my kind of music and style, but well produced
6 slaygon shouts: ... And now I can't hear this song any other way!
5 omoroca shouts: Good flow! Has this Syntax Era / 80s feel to it!
2 xerex shouts: Too short!
6 Bjoppen shouts: Groovay!
6 AmiStyler79 shouts: Short and funky!

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