c64Phat Frog

Arranged by: MRT (act)   Veteran
Member: Tomasz Inglot (mrt) (member)
Original composer: Steven Diemer (A-Man)
Tune length: 2:24
Release date: 04/01/2016
All-Time rank: 26.
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REVIEW BY bgmnt (28/03/2017)

...that 808 (or is it 303?) is drilling in my ears and sets free all the endorphines. great one!
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

6 verm71 shouts: Exquisitely produced thumpy dance track!
6 Dr.Piotr shouts: Leds dance!!! Greats!
5 omoroca shouts: Nice lead! Added to my collection.
6 Drunken Fool shouts: Awesome... Just awesome
5 ChrisBond shouts: Good ombination of sid sounds and new synth stuff - like it
6 NecroPolo shouts: Despite that I hate dancing and dreamy stuff to quite a high degree I'd be a fool not to see the values of this quality track. Great work and a floor filler contender on a demoscene party.
6 LaLa shouts: When listening to this tune I'd like to stand on a hilltop and yell out: "This is what the scene is about!!! " Kickass 80s feel coupled with a kickass demo tune.
6 bgmnt shouts: One of the best!

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