Arranged by: MRT (act)   Veteran
Member: Tomasz Inglot (mrt) (member)
Original composer: Jeroen Tel
Tune length: 3:35
Release date: 18/05/2016
All-Time rank: 329.
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REVIEW BY Grigul (18/05/2016)

Well, I have my problems with that tune. MRT, please, don't be angry while reading this, but this tune is not your best one. It's a nice one, but not more. It is nothing which can kick my from my chair, it is nothing which make me dance. Nice to listen to - but that's it. The most problem I have with this tune are not the violins as like as Boz, Mordi and Chris Abbott have written. My personal problem with that tune are: The drums. Your version of Supremacy, MRT, is a chilling one, compared to the other already existing versions of other arrangers. For just the melody and what you made of it, it's a good tune. But the drums you use make the whole song restless. For a calm melody you should - in my opinion - use a calm drum. You used a restless drum (or drumkit, whatever...). I hear more of the drums than the melody. That ruins the song. I'm sorry, but this is not my taste. So I can give only a yellow smile - but, to be honest, not more. Maybe your next tune will be better for me :-) Please remember, MRT: this ist just mine opinion. Other will maybe agree, others will maybe disagree - we will see...
Technical Impression: 4
Artistic Impression: 4
Nostalgic Impression: 4
Overall: 4

REVIEW BY Boz (17/05/2016)

Great tune by Jeroen Tel and MRT has done his thing again. This would have been a TOP MARK from me, except Fake Violins Are Fake. Either get a better library or use a synth-violin, so we know they're meant to be fake, and not fall into the grey-area where we ask "is that supposed to be a real string?".
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 4
Nostalgic Impression: 5
Overall: 5

REVIEW BY Mordi (18/05/2016)

Cool! Tiptoes around the theme for a while, and when the lead enters at around 1:00 it goes into goosebump territory. I agree on the violin - it doesn't work well IMO. And there is a bit much subbass to my taste, but these things don't matter too much as the song itself is great.
Technical Impression: 5
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

REVIEW BY Chris Abbott (18/05/2016)

I agree with Boz, because it mixes lots of my favourite things... but I'm a lot less inclined to be harsh on the violins because this reminds me of a Test-card piece from the mid-80s which did the same thing. It would be churlish of me to deny this a red smiley.
Technical Impression: 5
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 5
Overall: 6

5 Boz shouts: Almost perfect remix of Supremacy if it wasn't for the violins not quite being violins.
4 Grigul shouts: Nice tune, but not the best of MRT....
6 Dr.Piotr shouts: Excellent E L E C T R O
6 nummer2 shouts: Great remix nice mixture a pleasure for my ears
6 Ripper7575 shouts: Very nice! Mix is outstanding!
5 LaLa shouts: A unique take on a classic tune, bringing a fresh perpsective to it. Some of the instruments sound a bit thin, but the arrangement is outstanding.
6 Shark shouts: Liked it a lot and I really mean that, but the electronic voice on some parts was too loud and grating when played loud, but otherwise great!
5 _steve_ shouts: Agree that a nicer violin would lift it, and that the bass drum is probably a little over bassy.
5 speedy shouts: Thats nice!
6 NecroPolo shouts: I miss some sludge metal part as well as a death star and a gamma ray burst around the end with 400ms slapback delay. I can't give an orange face as I started to develop some allergy to that fruit recently. I start to sneeze after eating it. Damn. Cheers!
5 ChrisBond shouts: Solid eletro style - love it! Nice Robot speech!
5 Marcus shouts: Best remix of this tune! Violin is maybe not really the right one. Main synth instrument from Koto-Visitors sounds similiar and I guess it would fit very good in your mix.
6 DSMarine shouts: I don't care about technical details... I just love how it sounds.

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