c64Monty on the Run

Arranged by: OJ Oscillation (act)   Veteran
Member: OJ Oscillation (member)
Original composer: Rob Hubbard
Tune length: 6:06
Release date: 09/10/2017
All-Time rank: 1669.
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REVIEW BY bgmnt (08/11/2017)

for such a fast arrangement it is very cool and far away from these cheap and cheesy dancefloor beats. and a good variety of sounds and effects. thumbsup :)
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 5
Overall: 6

5 LaLa shouts: The arrangement is not exactly sophisticated, but this has some of the weirdest combination of sounds I've ever heard! High marks for sheer creativity!
6 bgmnt shouts: Wow. Inyoface - this will fit good in a dance set. Love it!

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