c64Combat Crazy

Arranged by: Ollas & Ziphoid   Newcomer
Members: ollasandziphoid, John Carehag (Ziphoid)
Original composer: Jeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
Tune length: 4:21
Release date: 01/04/2006
All-Time rank: 449.
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REVIEW BY DHS (03/04/2006)

I like very much some parts of this remix: it's general "'90s" feeling, the strong orchestral part at the start (it really kicks power out of the loudspeakers), the mastering. Also, percussions (crashes, "rockets", and so on) do a good job to movimentate the track.

"Pauses" like the one at 01:45 don't work good, as they really push down all the hype work done before.
Also, i'm not fond of all the Vanguard lead going nuts starting at about 03:28 to the end (while the base is cool).

Overall, a very good mix, very well done on the technical side, with enough variations (even if somewhat i feel it to be a little undeveloped, expecially at the end, but maybe it's just me). If this is the "welcome back" after 10 years of inactivity, we can expect great things from Ziphoid in the future :-)
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 5
Nostalgic Impression: 4
Overall: 5

REVIEW BY gator (02/04/2006)

This is a kinda over-rated track. Sorry, it's just the way I feel. None of it sounds memorable or catchy and it doesn't develop in any interesting or dynamic way. It's actually a bit scattered and random.
Technical Impression: 4
Artistic Impression: 4
Nostalgic Impression: 3
Overall: 4

5 Waz shouts: Plenty of nice touches in this one with a good military start giving way to a beats-driven effort (got to love that bass line) and although a little bit too trancey for the tune in mind, it works pretty well.
5 larsec shouts: This works for me. There are a few midi-ish parts in the orchestral but nothing worth complaining too much about. Good solid trancey goodness... A little hard kick at times, though ;)
5 Makke shouts: The break at 2:15 puts a big smile all over my face! :D And that fat, hypnotic bass-sound! Mmm! A very nice trance-effort, with enough intensity and variation to keep it interesting. Well done, Ziph and Ollas!
6 Skitz shouts: This is excellent! A fusion of trance and big band type instruments make it really unique... Outstanding!
6 Boz shouts: Fantastic filling-rattling bass with an umpa-umpa middle-eight. Just gets you moving in your chair. Great stuff, this!
6 kai shouts: Earcandy!!!!!! I already feel sorry for my neighbors...!!! I love the modifications to the original theme and the mix of trancyness and stomp (sorry: UNZ!)
6 nickenstien shouts: AWESOME! Ziphoid&Olas Rule (BLEEPY BLEPP BLEEP BLEEPY BLEEP) (military band pieces are fantastic too) BRAVO, WEll Done
6 defiance shouts: One of RKO's BEXT remixes EVER! Keep it up! (That bass-line is totally arousing!;))
4 eliot shouts: Quite ok... But does not kick into my brain.. I miss the subtle "things" mahoney does... Where fusion of styles really work.
6 infamous shouts: Im sorry.. I know I usually slate 4x4 dance tunes.. But that drumbeat is infectious, the bassnoise is fatter than a weightwatchers class... Bloody awesome stuff
5 moog shouts: Well done!! Mixing and master outstanding. Some parts do not cover my prefered style of remixing (techno-trance). Besides that is AWESOME!!!
6 dmaster shouts: LIKE IT!
6 duero shouts: Sooooo gooooood damn sweeeet tune
6 cat shouts: Nice sid choice(for me it's one of the most important thing, bad sid gave often bad remix). I love this tune and gameover too ;). Good remix.
4 romeo_knight shouts: From the technical aspects: brillant! All the rest: a bit uninspirating.
6 the_jinx shouts: Great remix, love the bombasstic sound and the weirdness in the middle ;)
6 gibs shouts: Beuh chi putenza!!! I'm listening to it in loop!!!
5 ifadeo shouts: A good start for a comeback, I'm looking forward to his next remixes....
4 Dan shouts: Technically great but the overall mix just doesn't get my juices flowing at all
5 weasel shouts: High energy for sure! Although it's not really my style though! But it works for what it wants to be, indeed! Play it LOUD in a big hall and you will get pushed OUT from the beat/bass probably! ;-D
6 mahadeva shouts: Thats the way I like 64-remixes!
3 omoroca shouts: I always hate it when I download a tune and get disappointed when it's yet another Techno remix. This one is even worse than many of the other approaches I've listened to here.
6 nicodaemus shouts: UNZ UNZ UNZ... Huh? Flutes? Oh well, works for me.
6 thunderpants shouts: Combat crazy was one of my favourite games on the C64. Great tune too, why there's only this remix baffles me. Congrat to ziphoid & ollas for the remix
5 Cubud shouts: Very nice tune! You've got quite a few of my favourite style sounds in there, and it "feels" like a C64 tune too! Didn't like the whistle part, but I expect that's in the original so I'll let you off :-)
6 Mordi shouts: Very military-ish and very powerful.
6 Amok shouts: My one my all time favourites :)
6 Dumper shouts: Absolutely brilliant.
6 T-Tracker shouts: Unfortunately, CombatCrazy remixes are very rare. This one is mindblowing...

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