c64 / Amiga albumDeflektor

Arranged by: Reyn Ouwehand (act)   Veteran
Member: Reyn Ouwehand (Reyn) (member)
Original composer: Ben Daglish
Tune length: 4:38
Release date: 20/05/2000
All-Time rank: 1.
On album: Nexus 6581
Disk 1, Track 7
Reyn Ouwehand's Nexus 6581 Sorry, this tune is not or no longer available.

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6 Makke shouts: This remix has become such a classic, it almost shines brighter than the original SID. This is, simply put, positiviciously the most awesome-tastic remixalicious remix ever! When I try to define the perfect C64 remix, I keep thinking Ouwehand's Deflector!
6 beyond shouts: One of the few real instant remix classics!
6 feark shouts: Gee, I want this tune, heard it on slay radio...
6 M4SQUER4DE shouts: Makes me want to jump around like crazy every time I hear it!
6 Caboose shouts: I beleive this is the best studio producer at r64 :) This is simply awesome ;)
6 Nada shouts: Heard it on Slayradio. Reyn ist Meister aller Klassen!
5 omoroca shouts: Am I wrong or is there something slightly out of tune? But this remix has an extremely good flow. Even more enjoyable when performed live with Ben Daglish doing the vocals!
6 HighFlyer15 shouts: Love it.. Just full of happy! :D Need to buy this!
6 drcode shouts: One of my all time favorites is done the way this song deserves to be played.
6 NecroPolo shouts: A Ben Daglis classic, one of my favs, re-made the right way. Awesome. THX Reyn!
6 The SIE shouts: Dayo Dayo very good indeed!!
6 Coyote72 shouts: THIS IS THE BEST! :-D
6 Kalamarr shouts: Awesome!
6 Mauriban shouts: Outstanding

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