c64Space (JT in Space - trip 2 the club rmx)

Arranged by: Thomas Detert (act)   Remixer
Member: Thomas Detert (tom) (member)
Original composer: Jeroen Tel
Tune length: 3:23
Release date: 12/12/2001
All-Time rank: 1439.
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  • JT in space

I did this rmx in one shot - a just for fun / I have some time and I am a little bit bored remix 😊

I heard this one in an
  • ASH & DAVE Demo

I was blasted away by the perfect delay fx on the chord melody. Indeed a very great piece of work,as usual for JT, and a clever arranged tune which stays in your ears (I do love the baseline in it) !

It's a pity that Jeroen Tel's work won't be available on any REMIX CD release.

And now PUMP UP THE V and DANCE!!!

C64 sounds are done with EMAGIC's ES1-VstI-synth (chords & lead) !!!

Next UPLOAD is the Mega-Starforce conversion from 1992!

Space (JT in Space  - trip 2 the club rmx)
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6 chainblade shouts: Cool remix! Awsome
5 omoroca shouts: I know this from the Ash & Dave demo, too! Good someone remixed this! Added to my collection.
4 LPChip shouts: Its not a bad tune, but the baseline keeps using the same notes and that throws of my musical ears..:(

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