c64Jinks Title Remix

Arranged by: thorstenranger   Remixer
Original composer: Chris Hülsbeck
Tune length: 4:26
Release date: 31/07/2011
All-Time rank: 2994.
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4 pj shouts: Weird but good.
4 nummer2 shouts: Love the sid and this is some good straightforward remix. Maybe somewhat loud in parts and lacks some ideas.
3 LaLa shouts: Imitating the original distorted drums (or using the samples of the SID? ) was a mistake, it completely destroys the experience for me. The rest of it wouldn't be too bad, although it's on the thin side.
4 thunderpants shouts: Nice mix, at least you can tell what it is a remix of without looking at the title in winamp when it playing, unlike the golden axe dnb mix
4 pie vs pie shouts: Not normally fan of glitchy 8 bit snare but this is pretty good
5 Iconoclast shouts: Totally gets the kinda raw feeling of the sid across. Keeper.

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