c64Last Ninja 2 The Basement

Arranged by: TNT (act)   Remixer
Member: TNT (member)
Original composer: Matt Gray
Tune length: 4:53
Release date: 07/10/2011
All-Time rank: 1641.
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Last Ninja 2 The Basement

Elektro for the masses... ;-)


Main Text:

The basement is a sinister place to be

There's electricity and lots of enemies

I'm a shadow on the wall and I won't stop

I will kill'em silently and I will mess them up


I've got ample fighting resources

to make an example for Kunitoki's forces

Better they run and start their engines

because I am back with a vengeance


Other text:

The basement

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5 vurtx shouts: I like its dark electro texture, the EQ seems slightly dull but it does create a distant ambience to it.
5 gryzor shouts: Bit repetitive patterns and too static at times, but overall a nice sound -- could use some "groove".
5 LaLa shouts: It fits the mood of the game perfectly. I like how the vocoded vocal breaks up the monotony, but it's totally unintelligible (which might be for the better because the lyrics are not that good).

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