c64Task III (Hum along with the task)

Arranged by: Trace & Mahoney   Remixer
Members: Pex Tufvesson (mahoney), Kent Wallden (Trace)
Original composer: Frank Endler
Tune length: 5:40
Release date: 02/11/2002
All-Time rank: 359.
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How this song was made:
Reason was the base of everything. Trace did all the sequencing in reason and the drum programming. Then, I (Mahoney) used Cubase for the vocals, guitars and effects. I couldn't find an easy way to do recording in Reason (probably because there is none!), so we had to do a Cubase/Reason combination.

Who is she?
Well, there are three of them, actually. Hanna is doing the first part of singing (she's an alto), and then Sofia is doing the refrain (she's a soprano). Karin (whom you might have heard in my Armageddon man-remix) is doing the improvisation in the middle. We are right now recording an a cappella CD called Vokalmusik på svenska, where we will be doing swedish jazz classics by Jan Johansson, a cappella. And I just played TaskIII for them and told them to start singing. 15 minutes later, all the vocals were recorded! Fast and efficient!

Have a noise night!
/ Pex Mahoney Tufvesson

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REVIEW BY beldin (29/01/2003)

Listener, be warned, this is another piece of music with "a cappella" elements. If you prefer instrumentals or real singing, better avoid this track. While it starts as a real nice synth tune which you would want to listen to at higher volume, it doesn't play like that for more than 44 seconds. Weird and questionable sound effects, which sound displaced, fill the rest of the first minute right before the first female a cappella singer joins with her improvised singing sounds. Twenty seconds later a higher female voice takes over and then it gets worse, sounding more like screaming at times, and forces me to turn down the volume of a track which I would enjoy if it didn't feature a cappella singing like that. It continues like that for a total of 5:40.
Technical Impression: 4
Artistic Impression: 2
Nostalgic Impression: 1
Overall: 2

REVIEW BY eliot (10/03/2003)

I do not agree with Beldin's :-( vote nor LaLa's statement that this tune can only remix worse. Taste is different for everyone. But from my view of sight, this work is outstanding. Task III is really a task to remix and it gets the flair of the original SID, even with some strange FX (the original SID is strange itself :-)). Great Work.
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 4
Overall: 6

4 mfe shouts: Atmospheric, but lacking a little soul.
6 Israfel shouts: Great
5 omoroca shouts: Strange! Experimental! Mahoney! Well done!
4 Melaure shouts: Strange sound for vocal but not bad
3 WarrenMill shouts: Task III is one of my absolute favorites of the C64 tunes. But this version is very far from the original. Ok, it has spirit and creativity and some samples from the original, but it sure ain't Task III...
6 chabee shouts: Excellent remix!
6 LaLa shouts: The more you listen to this remix, the better it gets. Quirky and strange, weird and somewhat chaotic - just like the original. Lovely voices.
6 Drunken Fool shouts: Great collab with two criminally underrated remixers. I also love the female vocals as well (one of the girls from Visa Roster?)

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