c64Dominator (Analogue Re-looped Relaxation)

Arranged by: Wobbler (act)   Veteran
Member: Markus Norsted (wobbler) (member)
Original composer: Matt Gray
Tune length: 4:32
Release date: 10/01/2018
All-Time rank: 671.
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Another Gray-remake from me. This time I was aiming for a mush more relaxed mood with strings, bells, plucks and whatnot. I presonally think that the result was pretty decent, but who am I to judge? Unnecessary trivia: The name was (as all remix naming) made two seconds before uploading to R.K.O, but is a wink to a song that Swedish EDM-group Antiloop made like a hundred years ago.

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5 nummer2 shouts: Well I have to say I like it a lot :) Well done remix
5 LaLa shouts: Very nicely done! I am totally relaxed now!:)
5 bgmnt shouts: Nice chill!

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