RSI Megademo - Ba1 (Xerxes Remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Xerxes Remixer
Composed by:
Bit Arts
All-Time charts position:
Beautfully produced and remixed. VERY nice AmigaRemix debut from Xerxes.
Wow, what a great Remix. Very well done!!! Thanks!!!
Good one. But I wish it just would kick my a** just like the guys above me:)
Fantastic remix. Fantastic Xerxes!
Good instuments and just great mix! Superb remix :)
This sounds awesome. Alot of instrumental variation and a smoothing beat, a bit Infected Mushroom'ish.. Very well done!
That's what I like: Dynamic, awesome mixing, melody, live-like instruments, Thx
Nice interpretation of that! I'm wondering if you've sampled it from amiga or rebuild it?!..
Utterly cool!! .. Very well done!
THE best BA1 remix. Nice, strong, wonderful.
Sounds good, but where is the melody? There is nothing left of the original (and awesome) tune.
Bitchin'. Feels like a deluxe module.
The quickly oscillating fade in/out feels disorienting
Hey, another cool remix from a BitArts tune! Well done, me likes!:)

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