c64Paperboy Highscore (Christmas Edit)

Arranged by: CZ Tunes (act)   Veteran
Member: cz_tunes (member)
Original composer: Mark Cooksey
Tune length: 2:50
Release date: 05/12/2009
All-Time rank: 688.
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Paperboy Highscore (Christmas Edit)
here is a little christmas remix.

I wish you all a nice christmas time.

The christmas Samples are from FREESOUND.ORG

The samples licensed under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.

Santa by troutstrangler
Sleigh Bells by benjaminflack
Snow Walk by Corsica_S
Wind by Abyssmal

I hope i don't forget someone.

And thank you for your vote.

Nice greets from germany

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5 Mordi shouts: Outstanding intro. Nice and cozy mix. A very christmas-y tune!=)
4 vurtx shouts: Its like a well made Christmas Pudding - its got all the right ingredients :) the pads seem too loud to me, but everything else is excellent.
5 C64ever shouts: A nice slower version of paperboy, works well!
5 bizarro shouts: This was one of my favourite melodies on the c64. Thank you for this interpretation! (There are two harmony-errors in the remix though...)
6 knotti shouts: Toll gemacht haette nur noch etwas länger ausfallen können :) Very nice
5 NecroPolo shouts: Haha, nice :) Not exactly my kind of stuff but kudos for the idea behind - and have a merry X-mas, too! :) Absolutely it's among your better releases.
4 condor shouts: Heh, I like it really, but it's not everyday listen material.
6 Amok shouts: I just love this stuff... :D
5 Metal shouts: Nice and cute - almost too cute, but nice.
6 chilli_uk shouts: Christian, Sorry I havent been in touch much recently a lot going on health wise but I love this - Amazing! Happy Xmas my friend
6 LaLa shouts: What a timely release! Short but sweet, like a candy cane.
4 komet shouts: I like the christmas theme, and the melody is as emotional as in the original. What I don't really care for is that the chord changes seem to "jumpy".
5 nicodaemus shouts: Nice. One question: this santa of yours, does he do wrestling or build motorbikes when he's not busy on the north pole? And he must be suffering from chronic back-pains since his "ho ho ho" sounds very forced. :P Good one, though.
5 Melaure shouts: Nice and good in december!
6 Chainsaw shouts: Very great Christmas version of a very great tune. Thank you very much for this!!!
4 omoroca shouts: I assume this tune is meant to be funny. But I find it too cheesy. Technically Ok, though!

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