I Would Like a Fika (Swedish Holy Ground)

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Arranged by:
Dr.Fikalover Veteran
Composed by:
Tomas Danko
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Decent dance trance, but weird vocals.
Decent albeit repetitive tune, marred by horribly stupid lyrics. Would fare better as a SLAYRadio exclusive.
Not my style at all, but this is the sort of stuff you hear in a nightclub backroom. Works for tripping but not really for a good enjoyable listening experience.. But it achieves what it attempts to achieve.
Better than Gunter and the Sunshine girls. A bit repetitive, but the arrangement and mixing is great! Pretty funny, but nothing I'll listen to on a daily basis. And yes, I'd like some fika.:)
Now I wonder who would do a remix like this... But not so funny this time.:)
It's not a bad tune, but it's too repetitive and those lyrics are just plain daft. Would have worked better as a novelty SlayRadio track.
Well, I like the trancey stuff, but it would've been enough with 3 mins max instead of almost 5.
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I honestly think the ridiculous, confusing lyrics enhance the feel of the song. They make it feel more like a track from some new, entirely-too-hip Euro dance group, rather than a C64 mix. And I know I cannot stop listening to it.
Funny for one round. OK, who did this spoof? DHS?
(Chow Dr. Fikalover whoever you may be:) ) Excelent sounding and catchy remix that has gotten stuck in my brain, so it did its job :), cool stuff
I would like a fika.. I for one think the funny lyrics fit this Danko tune..
Nice dancey tune, funny lyrics altho it's a bit of an in-joke ;) peeps not in the know, use the trigger! Fika on #SLAYRadio... Excellente :D
Maybe there should be a fika-show... Nice production, silly lyrics!
Great little dance track -- but I guess you need to be a SLAY Radio / IRC regular to really "get" what the lyrics are about. Fun stuff!
Arse dance music (As ive started calling it.. Cos u sit in your chair and wiggle a bit).. Id like to know what a fika is though..
OMG... Sorry this is cheap dance music to my ears :-( no offence. Fika = pussy, though
A nice retro synth prevent this one from getting the green fuck-up face. Being a swede, I don't really understand what the fuzz is about the lyrics, except being extremely bad.
Haha, I really like the track, but I really don't like the vocals, but reallya great idea :)
I'm too tired, to get the sense of thiz stuff, maybe I need to jerk off before... (Hi Boz *g*)
Nononono! Please, no more Fika! Snälla! Sorry, really wanted to like this, but that Fika really ruin everything, and also that "yeah, uh, ow" it belongs in porno movies.
Haha his song hilerius! :D
The more than stupid VOCALS/LYRICS ruin the whole rest of the good mixing and style! :-((( Especially the part around 1:00 - 1:25 rules quite big in its sytle!!! WHY have you done this (lyrics)? :-/ What a shame...
Ok, could anyone translate for me?:)
It is a odd song but it will grow on you.
It's currently 10:26am, so a Förmiddagsfika would be nice! :-) Good idea, made me smile!:-)))
I would like a Fika, please...
"yeah, uh, oh"... ~vomit~
The vocals overkill this one for me. My ears tried to bite off my Adam's apple while listening to this to end torture... Sorry.
The fika joke was never funny in the first place, just FIKA OFF!
Could it really be that you people don't know what Fika means and automatically assumes it's a dirty word? Learn to google got damnit!;-)
This tune goes very well with the IKEA book; how to make Fika!

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