c64Gem'X (Mantronix Edit)

Arranged by: Dr Future (act)   Veteran
Member: Volker Buckow (Dr Future) (member)
Original composer: Chris Hülsbeck
Tune length: 3:58
Release date: 31/08/2009
All-Time rank: 815.
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Romeo Knight - you are a genius!
Thanks a lot for your great effort!

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REVIEW BY Grigul (24/11/2016)

Well, I think I heared that one first on a burned CD in my car. When I heared it, my chin falls down and I made my stupiest face I'm able to. Wow, absolutely awesome. One of my absolutely favourites. As mentioned already in my Shout: Great Job, Dr Future. This one is better than the instrumental version.
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

5 Dan shouts: Starts of a bit wtf? But awesome guitaring makes for a highly pleasing mix.
5 Skitz shouts: I think the start is a nod to Chris's original remix of this tune. Great little remix here.
4 Waz shouts: Cut out all the (c)rap parts and just focus on that great Romeo Knight lead guitar and it'd be a lot better.
4 Boz shouts: Overall it's a great track. The rapping, unfortunately, detracts from it. The instrumental version would be great :D
4 C64ever shouts: As others have said nice guitar, but I don't like the rapping either.. I hate most vocals in sid remixes, usually ends up spoiling things like here.
4 NecroPolo shouts: Music is great. For me, rapping doesn't fit at all.
5 Amok shouts: As always great production from Doc Future... But I have to agree that the rap is kinda distracting from the very nice background.
5 Xenox.AFL shouts: Nice...;)
3 Dumper shouts: A pity a good tune is ruined by the same old (c)rap.
4 Dees Productions shouts: Nice guitar and idea but a SID-Chip isn't supposed to rap, that sadly scratched this tune a lot.
6 LaLa shouts: I totally disagree with everybody else: the rap is what makes this tune really spicy! Have you guys actually LISTENED to the lyrics? The guitar lead is just awesome. It all puts a big smile on my face - what a great production!
6 chilli_uk shouts: Starts like a beastie boys track - and Dumper I think you need to realise this is a sned up yet the Guitar lead is amazing and the overall mix is pro level - Dr Future you have hit the button - to MAX
3 nicodaemus shouts: The guitars are redeeming this tune. The rap brings it down to average, though. Especially the lyrics that I find uninspiring and childish. That and the accent of the vocalist which is too heavy. Sorry. An instrumental would be great, though.
5 nummer2 shouts: What can I say its typical future sound and its totaly great :)
6 Mordi shouts: Really nice. Would be nicer with some better drums, though! Otherwise I see no problems here, except for maybe the weird start.
6 bahamut_ger shouts: Was ein Geiler Remix. Danke für die Arbeit an diesem Remix. Einer der besten Gem'x Remixe bisher.
5 _steve_ shouts: I'm not a big fan of rap, but actually I really enjoyed this mix.
5 Chainsaw shouts: This is great. Usually I don't like rap, but this here is not just rap, but also nice melody, guitar. So I give an orange one.
6 suso shouts: This track is thick! I like the rap and talking, it makes it sound more 80s like and adds to the nostalgia. Its nice that there is an instrumental version too though.
5 condor shouts: Great guitars, and nice remix :)
5 stoo shouts: Ok. So the rapping isn't so hot, but the rest of it is golden. This gets orange, the instrumental gets red :)
6 putzi shouts: 80s German style pop-"rap". Double retro this way :-)
5 Melaure shouts: Good guitar play!
6 Zilog shouts: Brings a big smile o' pleasure on my face, very nice and funny remix!
5 Rapture shouts: Mantronix-like version, haha ace, but yep I also like the instrumental version better :) Great guitars btw!
6 Grigul shouts: Awesome. Absolutely awesome. No more words needed. Great Job, Dr Future
5 omoroca shouts: The lyrics are so silly that they are good again. Well done! Added to my collection.

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