c64Super Hang-On The Winning Run

Arranged by: Gibs (act)   Veteran
Member: gibs (member)
Original composer: Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
Tune length: 2:27
Release date: 14/05/2011
All-Time rank: 567.
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DJB shouts: Someone needs to do a really heavy rock version of this.


Job done !

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5 cat shouts: I love the beginning but too speedy for me. I prefer "Sixto Sounds" remix speed ;) but great work
6 Arne shouts: As I expected from Gibs great hard rock remake. Thumbs up for this one!
6 NecroPolo shouts: It seems that you had much fun while working on this one. Listening is not less fun, for sure!
4 DjCzyszy shouts: Pretty nice metal remix but it's a little too muddy and overcompressed. Definately needs better mastering.
6 CharlieC shouts: Nice!
6 _id_ shouts: Nice sound, good luck :)
5 pie vs pie shouts: Well performed and the "boxy"mastering suits the track well
5 arbory shouts: Nice! I always loved racing to this tune (on amiga) - dislike the overal sound a bit - too pressed mastering
6 Chainsaw shouts: Woww this rocks. Great remix of a great tune of a great game :-)
3 omoroca shouts: Noise!
6 Melaure shouts: Great remix for a great game!

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